Thursday, December 8, 2016

Geometry Problem 1293 Triangle, Altitudes, Two Squares, Center, Concurrent Lines, Midpoint

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Level: Mathematics Education, High School, Honors Geometry, College.

Details: Click on the figure below.

Geometry Problem 1293 Elements: Triangle, Altitudes, Two Squares, Center, Concurrent Lines, Midpoint.


  1. Connect OA and OB
    Observe that qua. OBHA is cyclic
    So ∠BAH=∠BOH
    In triangle ABH , ∠BAH complement to ∠B => ∠BOH complement to ∠B
    So ∠BOH supplement to ∠OBF => OH //BF
    Since O is the midpoint of EB and OH//BF=> OH cut EF at midpoint M
    Similarly QJ also cut EF at midpoint M

  2. Quad. AOBH is cyclic,Angle BOH= Angle BAH =90-B,Angle OBQ=90+B,Hence OH is parallel to BF. Since O is midpoint of BE, line OH will pass pass through midpoint of EF.
    Similarly QJ is parallel to BE and passes through midpoint of EF. Hence QJ, OH and EF are concurrent at mid point of EF.

  3. m(BHA) = m(BOA) = 90 => OABH is cyclic quadrilateral
    since m(BAO) = 45 => m(BHO) = 45 => m(OHA) = 45 --------(1)
    Extend AH to meet BF at P and consider the triangle BAP
    we have
    m(ABP) = B+45
    m(BAP) = 90-B
    => m(BPA) = 45 ----(2)
    From (1) and (2), we can say OH||BF
    Since O is mid-point of BE, from mid-point theorem, M is the midpoint of EF
    similarly QCJB can be found cyclic and thus JQ intersects EF at M