Saturday, November 1, 2014

Geometry Problem 1053: Triangle, Two Perpendicular Medians, Midpoint, Congruence

Geometry Problem. Post your solution in the comments box below.
Level: Mathematics Education, High School, Honors Geometry, College.

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Online Math: Geometry Problem 1053: Triangle, Two Perpendicular Medians, Midpoint, Congruence.


  1. Obviously H is the centroid of ΔABC.
    Thus let M be the mid-point of AC, then BH=2×HM.

    Now since ΔAHC is right-angled, thus M is the circumcenter.
    Hence, AC=2×HM=BH.

  2. Let F be the midpoint of AC
    H divides AD as well as CE as 2:1.
    AD = CE implies AH = CH and HE = HD.
    So Right Δ’s AHE and CHD are congruent.
    Thus AE = CD, so BA = BC implying BHF is the perp bisector of AC.
    Hence ΔAHF is congruent to ΔCHF,
    and each is right angled isosceles, HF = AF = FC,
    Hence BH = 2HF = 2 AF = AC.

  3. Fie F simetricul punctului H fata de punctul D=>BHCF paralelogram si AH=HF(deoarece 2HD=AH,H fiind centrul de greutate al triunghiului ABC)=>CH mediana si inaltime in triunghiul CAF=>CAE isoscel=>AC=CF

  4. Extend BH to G such that H is mid point of BG. Then CH // AG by applying mid point theorem to Tr. ABG.
    Similarly AH//GC.
    So AHCG is a //ogram with < AHC = 90, hence the same is a rectangle whose diagonals must be equal.
    So AC = HG = BH

    Sumith Peiris
    Sri Lanka