Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Elearn Geometry Problem 223: Viviani Theorem, Isosceles Triangle

Altitude, Distance
In an isosceles triangle ABC (AB = BC), the sum of the distances from any point on AC to the equal sides is equal to the altitude of the equal sides.

 Geometry Problem 223. Viviani Theorem
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Level: High School, SAT Prep, College geometry


  1. Area of ABC = Area of ABD + Area of ACD. So :
    AH*BC/2= DF*AB/2 + DE*BC/2.Because AB=BC, we have :
    h*AB/2=f*AB/2 + e*AB/2, from where it results that :

  2. tr DEC similar to AHC

    => AC/DC = h/e (1)

    tr DEC similar to AFD

    => (AC-DC)/DC = f/e => AC/DC = (f+e)/e (2)

    from (1) and (2)

    h/e = (f+e)/e => h = f+e

  3. Triangle AFD , DEC and AHC are similar.

    From the similarity of DEC and AHC we get :

    e/DC = h/AC
    eAC = hDC

    and from the similarity of AFD and AHC we get

    f/AD = h/AC
    fAC = hAD

    Adding these two equations and using that fact that AD+DC=AC we get:


  4. Drop Perpendicular from D to AH to meet at P => HP=e
    Observe that triangles AFD and DPA are congruent(ASA)=>PA=FD=f
    => HA=HP+PA
    => h=e+f